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For the best in Website Design SEO Neath including SEO. Step into a world of excellence when it comes to designing and developing an engaging website. For before we initiate any website build, we conduct an analysis into your competition in Neath and beyond.

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“We know what your competitors are up to, would you like to know?


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Here at Website Design SEO Neath we pride ourselves on taking time in getting to know you and your business before we start to build for you. We are passionate about web design and look upon every new project as a challenge to get yet another website to page 1 on Google. Of course no one can guarantee you the number 1 spot on google, not even Google. But Website Design SEO Neath South Wales may just get you on to page 1. 

So it all starts with a cup coffee, a sheet of blank paper and more questions than you could shake a stick at in Neath. Building a website is easy, it really is, but building an online presence that gets results for your business takes time, effort, money and self discipline.  Together we have this covered. 

Website Design SEO Neath for Small Business Success

What can website Design SEO Neath do for your business?

Creating an online presence can generate new customers, expand your company, increase output and afford you the lifestyle you rightly deserve. Working for yourself, is never easy as the guarantee of a weeks wage is never certain. So your website should be working for you even while you sleep. 

People come to the web seeking inspiration, insight, answers to problems which they have and guess what? They are looking at you to answer their problems. After all you are the one with a website dedicated to felt handed whatchamacallits! So you better have the solution. Now in order to become successful on the internet you need to place yourself in a position of authority, the one people go to with their problems seeking solutions. 

A website is a simple collection of web pages consisting of text, images, videos or other digital assets. The data of the website is hosted on a web server that is accessible via the internet. All websites join the World Wide Web where the data can be accessed all over the globe, thanks to Website Design SEO Neath.

Top 10 SEO Website Design benefits Neath Swansea

Top 10 reasons for Search Engine Optimisation on your Neath Website​

Before we begin, where did you find me, if I can do this for my business, what can I do for your's?

SEO is so vital for generating a professional presence online. If you’re not on page 1 you are missing out and your competitors are taking your lion’s share of the market pie! Time and time again, the question has been asked, “Where’s the best place to hide the bodies?” The answer is page 2 and beyond!  Once again, if your business or service is not on page 1, then you are missing out big time.

So many services or businesses out there know they need SEO but fail in their understanding of just how important and powerful and well-structured SEO approach is to their setup.
Listed below are my top 10 reason for having a strong SEO presence on your website.

Before we begin, where did you find me, if I can do this for my business, what can I do for your business?

1: Organic traffic. This is where your next customer searches for a question to their current problem. If you have a business selling widgets, you better be able to answer all and any questions that come your way. You must be an expert and the go to guy for all matters widget. For if you’re not then your competitor is!

A silly example is called for. Let’s say a potential customer asks Google the following question.
Q: What is the best widget for a 10 year old boy? If the question and its answer is not on your site but on your competitors, guess which one wins Googles favour?

  1. Well Designed SEO Makes for a Better User Experience

A website what is built with the end user in mind and SEO optimised, will make their search a quick and rewarding task. Three clicks or more and you are in big trouble.  More today than ever before people want instant answers and if they have to go searching, then you have lost their custom. Google has devised a way to discover between a positive or negative experience and if your visitors are experiencing too many negative experiences, you will get demoted in the rankings. Page two with all the hidden bodies! Let’s face it, no one goes to page two to look for anything.

  1. SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

It can take time and effort to build trust and credibility with SEO, but without it, you are lost. As in No: 1 we become an authority, this gets you more page views, sales and positive comments, all of which Google is constantly checking. Is the information on your website sound accurate and up to date, can it be trusted, more to the point can you be trusted? Getting here takes time money effort and self-discipline. There is no short cut! Be patient.

  1. Local SEO Means Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions
    Local SEO creates a specific focus on towns and cities close to your business. Time and again you may see companies advertising their wares with a “near me” key word. Google once again now sees near me as a top search factor. People once again want instant answers and travel is not on their mind.
  1. SEO Best Practices Are Constantly Evolving.

Local SEO is not something you have a go at for a couple of weeks to see how things go, it’s ongoing for the simple reason, Google changes its algorithm thousands of times a year, plus they have a list of 200 ranking factors which must also be taken into account! Furthermore if you fall behind, it may happen that even Google won’t find you! To keep in the running your site needs to be active with changes.

  1. SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle

Customers today just like our parents do their research and long gone are those days of trekking across town visiting many different shops for that item. It has been replaced by the click of a mouse for your convince. From a buyers perspective this is a very big advantage. If your webpage is optimised for SEO, then you have the sale. But if you only have put in half an effort, you lose. As I said earlier, SEO is not an overnight success, once again, it takes time, money, effort and self-discipline to get to the top. Imagine a picture of a widget and some technical details, size, weight and so on. Then imagine a 10 year old buy having fun with the same widget and a description saying as much, employing emotion, which widget are you most likely to purchase? Good SEO impacts the buying cycle!

  1. Keeping on Top of SEO.

As mentioned earlier, Google changes its algorithm on a very regular basis, in fact thousands of time a year. And since they keep the changes to themselves, you are always felt wondering what’s in vogue now? At one time it was keywords, then it was pictures, followed by video followed by content is king, you see a lot of this about and now its authority. You must be an authority in your chosen field. If you have been published in magazines or journals hard copy or on the net, relevant publications then Google look upon you as an expert.  Failing this you can do what I call, reverse engineering. Here we take your top 5 competitors and analyse their website, which gives us an understanding of what they do and how they do it. This forms a basis of a way forward for your business.

  1. SEO Is Relatively Cheap when all things are considered

Of course it costs money, not all the best things in life are free!

The benefits of SEO really do outweigh the cost, a well thought out strategy will pay benefits for years to come, but it is only as effective as the investment into the process.

  1. Local SEO, we are here for the long haul.

SEO can and hopefully will have a positive beneficial impact upon your business.  Where are you now and where would you like to be this time next year? Understand that with a fresh website, unknown to Google, it can take 3 -6 months before you are showing up in the rankings. Google needs to be able to trust you. If on the other hand you are an established build stuck on page 3, them within weeks if not days you could possibly see changes. And the more time, money and SEO effort committed to your business the better the changes of becoming contender in its market.

  1. Measuring SEO Success

Unlike paid advertisements with FB or Google Add Words, you can measure the effectiveness of the investment. SEO is a different animal, as it is not possible to join the dots and all the work that goes on in the back end. SEO is aimed at getting you to the highest spot on page of Google. Also making you an authority in your chosen field.

Apart from selling on line you should know, must have a blog offering advice to the world at large. As mentioned earlier, what’s the best widget for a 10 year old boy? How does your competition answer this query? No matter how they answer it, you must do better.

In Conclusion

The introduction of a quality SEO strategy is so important to the growth of your business. After all I’ve said, it should be obvious that without quality SEO, you are going to crash and burn. Yes it takes time to build up a brand and you must be patient with this process. There is no digital read out to view your ROI, but in time the effort will speak for its self. The best SEO Company, is the one who looks upon your product as their own and obtains immense delight watching it grow. 

If you are not on page 1 of Google then you should be.




Mick, what can I say, you have put me on the map and my business has grown beyond my expectations, thanks again for your time and patience with me. Kit.
Kit Crosby driving instructor
Driving Instructor
Hey Mick, thanks for the time and effort you put into getting me to the top of Google, as they say you do what it says on the tin.

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