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Building You a Better Converting Website

Every website built by is designed to achieve a different outcome, from sales to leads, education, and engagement. Creating a website that actually meets these goals, takes time and effort. Mind you it’s also important to be flexible in your approach to website design and open to new ideas. After all, isn’t this why you want to work with Covering Drogheda and surrounding areas.

A Designer Who Builds With Your Users (Customers) in Mind.

Put the needs of the site’s users first. If you don’t know what users want to ask them? As a user-centered agency, knowing what the people of Drogheda want is the bedrock and foundation of every website we create. Building a website is easy, building a website that gets results, that takes know-how!

Plan Your Online Presence With A Purpose.

A great website has beautiful styling and brains. The user (UX/UI) experience is uppermost when it comes to customer satisfaction. Naturally, it should look good. But it also needs to be built to answer your user’s query. It’s important to keep on track and not to stray from the page title! Here you have an opportunity to become an expert on their question. You should answer their query so completely that they have no need to go anywhere else seeking more information.

Website Design Drogheda for Discoverability

Your site must be designed in such a way that people can find it easily and have a quality user experience (UX). Here is where SEO comes into play and that starts with making every page individual to the search engines. A good site should have pages dedicated to only one subject, and be technically optimised. For example, if you are selling second-hand cameras, you may have a page dedicated to Canon and Canon only. Nikon should have its own page. Unless you are doing a comparison page, and again, it should have its own title ie, Canon v Nikon.

Become and Expert in your field

Most people searching the internet are looking for help with some kind of problem. Therefore, this is your job as a website owner to offer answers to the problems the people of Drogheda put forward. For example, if you offer a 24/hour plumbing service, this should be front and center on your page’s home page. So if you make a list of the top 20 questions you answer on a daily or weekly basis, this then becomes the content of your website. All 20 questions become pages having their own title and detailed answer. I cannot emphasize this enough, your website is not about you, it’s all about helping the general public in Drogheda and further, a field.

Why Good Website Design Matters

A great website can be the driving force behind your business just as a bad website can kill it. But creating an outstanding web design isn’t easy. It takes time money effort and self-discipline to build something special. The tips and ideas listed above are only scratching the surface of good website design covering Drogheda and Google has over 200 ranking factors that need to be considered when starting to plan out your website.

Please Note:

Today’s users have very high expectations of your website and you have seconds, perhaps only milliseconds – to convince then that you have all the answers and expertise they need. Don’t waste this opportunity as it may not come again. website design process

This is so critical to building a converting website for our clients. Writing unique copy is so important, you need to stand out from the common herd, be head and shoulder above your competitors. This will not come from a copy and paste exercise. For a start, it is unethical and wrong, and if Google’s Panda algorithm catches sight of it, which it will, they will hit you so hard, not even Google will find you!

Early in 2011, Google launched Panda, a search results algorithm that filtered out websites with thin, low-quality content. This was the start of a series of major quality control checks. Google Panda stripped search results pages (SERPs) of poorly constructed, spammy content, enabling higher quality websites to rise to the top.


Here at Best Website Design & SEO Services Drogheda, we pride ourselves on taking time in getting to know you and your business before we start to build for you. We are passionate about web design and look upon every new project as a challenge to get yet another website to page 1 on Google. Of course, no one can guarantee you the number 1 spot on Google, not even Google.
But having said that, just where did you find us?  

So it all starts with a cup coffee, a sheet of blank paper, and more questions than you could shake a stick at in Drogheda. Building a website is easy, it really is, but building an online presence that gets results for your business takes time, effort, money and self-discipline.  Together you and I, we have this covered.

Best Website Design and SEO Services Drogheda

Having a professionally designed website just isn’t good enough to get you on page one of Google. Let’s face it, if you don’t appear in a Google search then it’s almost impossible for people to find you. SEO which means “search engine optimization” and if your website isn’t appearing on page 1 then you seriously need to enlist the services of an SEO company, someone who knows their way around Search Engine Optimization. This is where excels, for we reverse engineer your competitor’s websites and do what they are doing, only better.

Please note: Not even the best SEO services Drogheda can promise you place on page 1 of Google, but having said that, where did you found us –

Is Website Design & SEO Services the Best in Drogheda?

The best Drogheda SEO services ranking you on Google
Did you know that Google has more than 200 ranking factors and changes its algorithm over 3000 times a year, so when it comes to SEO and initiating the process can be time-consuming, but nevertheless worthwhile? For a new website build then you may be looking at a time frame of 3 – 6 month time slot. Google needs to know it can trust you! It really is that simple. As time passes I will monitor your progress and constantly make improvements and recommendations where I think this will improve your rankings.

The best SEO services Drogheda
We will utilize best practice to get you as high up as possible in the Google rankings, so just be patient and know changes are taking place in the background. Unfortunately, it just takes this time to get a new website build ranked. On the other hand, if your website is well established then changes can take place in days if not hours.

SEO Drogheda, is a beautifully simple system whereby, a user or customer , puts a keyword into a search engine like Google, and if their keyword is in your websites structure structure then it is returned to them as a possible answer to their search queries, and hopefully, you then make a sale, all going well.

An example is called for
For example, let’s pretend you’re a newbie to website design and you have just hit a snag in your design. Where do you go for help, but doctor Google of course, just like the rest of us? Today in this fast-paced life, people want immediate answers to their problems, and scrolling through a myriad of websites looking for the “best SEO company in Drogheda, can be very time-consuming? Now if you have “best SEO company in Drogheda” as a keyword on your website, you will possibly rank highly for this search queries on Google. If you don’t you wont!

So imagine on your website you have just briefly touched the surface of SEO, and someone else has in the same business has dedicated time money effort and, self-discipline to make his SEO service page stand out, guess which one gets the Google vote?

best seo service and website design drogheda

For the Best Website Design & SEO Services Drogheda

Selecting the right name for your company or service is so important when it comes to SEO. Let’s stick with the Website Design Drogheda.

Let’s say you have decided to call your business after yourself “” what does this tell your potential customers? Absolutely nothing. On the other hand, if you had this as your business website domain “” people know exactly what you do and the area you cover. A website I built a little while ago had the following structure. which is fine it’s a hypnotherapist in Cardiff. Now when we add a page to our website “hypnotherapy for anxiety”, (at the time of writing is on page 1 no:4) the URL changes as we go from to for anxiety. Google will look at hypnosis and hypnotherapy as two separate words, plus you have the addition of anxiety and Cardiff, which makes this an easy search for SEO. What would be called a long-tail keyword? Anyone looking for help with anxiety using hypnosis or hypnotherapy, from Cardiff would find this page easily. This is of course is just an introduction to SEO and covers only one or two of the two hundred ranking factors Google deems it necessary to give your website a high ranking. Should you need any help just get in contact. 

Top 10 reasons for (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation on your website.

best seo services in Drogheda

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If you are serious about getting your website onto the top pages of the most relevant search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo … then get in touch, after all where did you find me?